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2nd - 8th Grade 3 game guarantee Sat ONLY
NO Entrance Fee - All costs associated with hosting this event is included in the registration fee.
All Coaches are responsible for their parent behavior and making sure they read the rules and code of conduct. We have a CLEARING THE STANDS rule in place and a very strict one and done technical policy. Zootown strives to promote a healthy positive environment for our young athletes! Thank you for helping us achieve that goal!

Looking forward to a great day of ball!

Teams may be scheduled a grade above or below, teams are scheduled based on playing level first then grade level second. Games are scheduled between 8 am and 8pm. Teams should be available to play any time within this time frame. Due to the complexity of scheduling please have your parents and teams prepared for all scenarios. We will do our best to maintain an organized and well officiated and staffed event. We strive to provide a positive environment for our young athletes!

7/8 Girls

Zootown 406 February 1, 2020

Feb 1, 2020
Missoula, MT
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Pool Standings

Team W L T
Zootown Shatter (Missoula, MT) 0 3 0 -25 54
Missoula Sky (Missoula, Montana) 3 0 0 27 98
C-Town GRIT (Columbia Falls, MT) 1 0 0 8 27
Missoula Devils (Missoula, Mt) 1 1 0 -9 50
Team W L T
Swish (Missoula, Montana) 2 1 0 3 62
Helena Halos (Helena, MT) 0 2 0 -16 46
Chinook (Chinook, Mt) 2 1 0 24 83
Florence Falcons (Florence, MT) 1 2 0 -12 63


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Saturday, February 01, 2020
Game Time Location Home Score Away
P10 9:00 AM Washington - Old Court Florence Falcons (Red)
9 24 Swish (Red)
P11 9:00 AM Meadow Hill - Old Court C-Town GRIT (Orange)
27 19 Zootown Shatter (Orange)
P9 10:00 AM Washington - New Court Chinook (Red)
28 29 Missoula Sky (Orange)
P5 12:00 PM Washington - Old Court Helena Halos (Red)
19 26 Swish (Red)
P6 12:00 PM Washington - New Court Florence Falcons (Red)
18 24 Chinook (Red)
P13 12:00 PM Meadow Hill - Old Court C-Town GRIT (Orange)
Missoula Devils (Orange)
P2 2:00 PM Washington - Old Court Swish (Red)
12 31 Chinook (Red)
P3 2:00 PM Meadow Hill - Old Court Missoula Sky (Orange)
29 16 Zootown Shatter (Orange)
P1 3:00 PM Washington - New Court Florence Falcons (Red)
36 27 Helena Halos (Red)
P14 4:00 PM St. Joseph Zootown Shatter (Orange)
19 23 Missoula Devils (Orange)
P8 5:00 PM St. Joseph Missoula Sky (Orange)
40 27 Missoula Devils (Orange)
P12 5:00 PM Washington - New Court Helena Halos (Red)
C-Town GRIT (Orange)