Tournament Note

In order to provide three games to every team, George Ranch has four games on their schedule. Their fourth game (vs. Team 91 TX JV) will not count in the George Ranch W-L record or goal differential in the standings. It will only count for Team 91 TX JV's record/goal differential.

If both teams tie in the standings for a playoff spot, the Head-to-Head result *WOULD* count as the tiebreaker.

High School JV (Sun.)

Best of Texas 2019

Dec 14 - 15, 2019
Cypress, TX
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Impulse Lacrosse JV

High School JV (Sun.) Champion

Sat Dec 14, 2019 - Sun Dec 15, 2019


[2] Impulse Lacrosse JV
[1] San Antonio Taquitos - 6
B1 - Sun 12/15 2:40PM Cy-Fair Sports Complex - Field 3
[2] Impulse Lacrosse JV - 9