Tournament Note

Tournament Rules & Admission Prices:

Daily admission gets you into any of our sites and games for the entire day!

$6 Per Adult, Per Day
$4 Per Student, Per Day
Children 5 and Under are FREE

Tournament Rules:

Regulation Game:

• 3rd Grade Boys, 3rd Grade Girls & 4th Grade Girls will play on a 10’ high rim with a 12' free throw line.
• All other grades/levels will play on a 10’ high rim with a 15' free throw line.
• All grades will use an intermediate size 28.5” basketball, except 8th grade boys will use an official size 29.5” basketball & 3rd grade 27.5"
• Each game will consist of two 20 minutes halves with a running clock. Clock stops on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls during the last 1 minute of each half.
• Each team must provide an adult volunteer for the score book or clock.

Full Court Pressing:
• No Full Court Press at 3rd Grade boys, 3rd Grade Girls and 4th Grade Girls
• Full court pressing is allowed at all other grades and levels to a 15 point lead.

Time Outs:
• Each team will receive 3 full 60 second time outs per game, no carryover to the second half or overtime.

• The first OT will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of overtime.
• If the game remains tied after the first overtime, the 2nd overtime will be the first team to score wins.
• Each team gets one 1 full 60 second timeout in each OT period; no carryover.

Standings / Tie Breakers:
• Round Robin Tie-Breakers: (When you move down to the next tie-breaker, the previous one drops off and will no longer be used)
1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Point Differential (15 point maximum)
4) Total Points Allowed

4th & 5th Grade Girls

Crossover Basketball Tournament

Nov 1 - 3, 2019
Bellevue, NE
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Bellevue Thunder (Monlux)

4th & 5th Grade Girls Champion

Fri Nov 1, 2019 - Sun Nov 3, 2019

Pool Standings

Team W L
Bellevue Thunder (Monlux) 2 0 8 46 38 0
4th Lincoln Katz 1 1 13 66 35 0
Glenwood Lady Jr. Rams 0 2 -21 19 58 0


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Saturday, November 02, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P2 10:00 AM Lied Center - Court 3 Glenwood Lady Jr. Rams
7 40 4th Lincoln Katz
P1 5:00 PM Mission Middle School 4th Lincoln Katz
26 28 Bellevue Thunder (Monlux)
Sunday, November 03, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P3 9:00 AM Lied Center - Court 1 Bellevue Thunder (Monlux)
18 12 Glenwood Lady Jr. Rams
B1 11:00 AM Lied Center - Court 1 [2] 4th Lincoln Katz
25 21 [3] Glenwood Lady Jr. Rams
B2 1:00 PM Bellevue West High School - North Court 1 [1] Bellevue Thunder (Monlux)
46 9 4th Lincoln Katz