Tournament Note


$6 Per Adult, Per Day
$4 Per Student, Per Day
Children 5 and Under are FREE
No Weekend Passes

Tournament Rules:

Regulation Game:
• 3rd grade will play with a 27.5” (Junior) basketball. All other grades from 4th thru 8th will play with a 28.5” (Intermediate) basketball.
• All grades will utilize a 10’ rim. 3rd and 4th grades will utilize a 12’ free throw line.
• Two 20 minute halves with a running clock. Clock stops on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls during the last minute of each half. If the score differential is more than 15 points the clock will not stop the last minute of the 2nd half.
• Each team must provide a responsible, age appropriate, volunteer for the scorebook and/or game clock.
• A maximum of 3 non-players are allowed on each teams’ bench. Only Head Coaches are allowed to stand and only Head Coaches are allowed to speak to the officials.
• 3-minute halftime and 5-minute pre-game warm-up. (warm up may be shortened if running behind)

Full Court Pressing:
• No full court pressing at the 3rd or 4th grade levels, until the last 30 seconds of the game, only if the score differential is less than 10 points.
• 5th through 8th grade teams, full court pressing is allowed at all levels to a 20 point lead.

Time Outs:
• Each team will receive 1 – full 60 second time-out AND 1 – 30 second time-out per half, NO CARRYOVER.
• Each team gets one 30 second timeout in each OT period; no carryover.

• The first OT will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of overtime.
• If the game remains tied after the first overtime, the 2nd overtime will be sudden death 2-minute overtime, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of sudden death overtime. The first team to score wins.
• If the score remains tied after 2 overtimes, each team will pick a free throw shooter to shoot a free throw. If one player makes their free throw and the other does not, then that team that made it wins. If both miss or make, then the teams must choose 2 different players to shoot. The team cannot choose the same player to shoot until all players on the team have shot. This continues until a team wins.

Standings / Tie Breakers:
• Game scores, game schedules and standings will be posted on Tourney Machine.
• Round Robin Tie-Breakers:
1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Point Differential (20 point maximum)
4) Total Points Allowed

7th Grade Girls Hoopers

Girls Cornhusker Youth State Basketball Championships 2020

Jan 3 - 5, 2020
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Pool Standings

Team W L
OSA Gold 7th 4 0 35 83
NE Attack Black 7th 3 1 10 109
Elkhorn Elite Gold 1 3 -14 112
MBA Blue 7th 1 3 -14 123
Johnson-Brock 1 3 -17 121


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Saturday, January 04, 2020
Game Time Location Visitor (Dark Jersey) Score Home (Light Jersey)
P3 8:00 AM UBTSC - Court 1 OSA Gold 7th
32 24 NE Attack Black 7th
P5 10:00 AM UBTSC - Court 5 MBA Blue 7th
24 27 OSA Gold 7th
P6 10:00 AM UBTSC - Court 1 Elkhorn Elite Gold
28 30 NE Attack Black 7th
P8 12:00 PM UBTSC - Court 2 MBA Blue 7th
34 31 Johnson-Brock
P4 2:00 PM UBTSC - Court 4 Johnson-Brock
30 23 Elkhorn Elite Gold
P2 4:00 PM UBTSC - Court 3 MBA Blue 7th
25 32 Elkhorn Elite Gold
Sunday, January 05, 2020
Game Time Location Visitor (Dark Jersey) Score Home (Light Jersey)
P10 9:00 AM UBTSC - Court 1 NE Attack Black 7th
33 26 MBA Blue 7th
P1 11:00 AM UBTSC - Court 2 NE Attack Black 7th
32 23 Johnson-Brock
P9 2:00 PM UBTSC - Court 3 Johnson-Brock
20 32 OSA Gold 7th
P7 4:00 PM UBTSC - Court 2 OSA Gold 7th
27 15 Elkhorn Elite Gold


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