Tournament Note

We are really excited to kick off our season with your teams this weekend! Please read the following information regarding the tournament and please FORWARD to all of your parents and coaches.

PLEASE NOTE - If you are not able to view updated scores on your mobile device, delete the app and re-download it on your phone - that should take care of the problem.


Please note the following items that we will all need to be on the same page on to ensure that we have a successful weekend:

--Water Fountains: Due to Covid Restrictions, the water fountains will be completely turned off. Please make sure that your athlete brings their own personalized water bottle that is filled up in advance of entering.

--Spectators: Spectators will be allowed to attend this weekend. Please be sure to practice social distancing!

--Masks: It is strongly encouraged that spectators wear masks.

--Basketballs: One Coach per team will be allowed to bring three basketballs in a secured net or bag. Basketballs may be used from the start of warm ups until the start of the game and then throughout half time. Absolutely no other basketballs will be allowed in the facility and violators will be required to take their ball back to their car.

--Game Ball: A game ball will be provided by the home team. We will have sanitization materials available for coaches to sanitize the game ball before and after the game.

--Transition from Game to Game: Teams will not be allowed to take the court until the conclusion of the game before and the bench area has been vacated. It is the coaches responsibility to ensure this process is strictly adhered to.

--Staging Areas - IMPORTANT: Teams playing on courts:Courts: 1,5: Wait behind the concourse bar stools on the north side of facility. Courts: 2,3,6, and 7 wait behind: Spread out around or in the bleachers designated for your assigned court.Courts 4,8: Spread out behind the bleachers by the south wall. Teams will absolutely not be allowed to congregate behind benches, on the baselines, in the officials area, etc.

--Pre Game: Please do not have your athlete arrive to the game more than 25 minutes before and parents please do not enter the facility prior to 15 minutes before your child's game.

--Post Game: There will be no handshake lines after the game. Post game huddles will not be allowed on site at the conclusion of your game. Athletes will need to immediately disperse.Food Court: Our food court will be open, and of course will be adhering to the health departments directives.

SCHEDULES - Schedules can be found online at and are FINAL! Please be sure to CHECK FOR ALL ADJUSTMENTS MADE! TOURNAMENT RULES can be found within your online schedule under the DOCUMENTS tab. ***GAMES WITH ASTERISKS by them are exhibition games and will not count toward your Pool Standings.

HOME TEAM is listed first on the schedule and should wear white, or light colored jerseys.

ADMISSION: Weekend Wristbands will be available on Friday only for $20/adults (18 and over) and $8 for students (6- 17 yrs). Daily admission fees are $8 per adult and $4 for students. Children 5 and under are FREE. All coaches will need to sign in at the admissions table upon entering the facility each time. Only two coaches per team max.

SCOREKEEPING: Each team will need to provide a parent volunteer to help keep the book or scoreboard for each game.

NO BALLS ALLOWED INTO VENUES. Only coaches are allowed to bring warm up balls and game balls into all venues.


VENUES - Addresses can be found within the PLACES tab of your online schedule. Please note the following opening times for each venue this weekend:

Friday - Doors open at 5:30pm
Saturday - Doors open at 7:30am
Sunday - Doors open at 7:30am

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and we will see you around the courts this weekend!


Bob Franzese, General Manager
Omaha Sports Academy
402-504-1222, ext 1

8th Boys Hoopers

OSA MAYB Summer Shootout

Jun 26 - 28, 2020
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Pool Standings

Team W L
Southwest Heat 5 0 69 277 133
Arena 8th Campbell 3 1 17 188 176
OSA 14U Regional Chavis 3 2 16 254 217
OSA 14U Regional Saucedo 2 3 -7 183 192
Arena 8th Lazzo 1 3 -42 92 190
OSA 14U Regional Keller 0 5 -53 155 241


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Friday, June 26, 2020
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P5 6:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 8 OSA 14U Regional Keller
23 38 OSA 14U Regional Saucedo
Saturday, June 27, 2020
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P3 11:00 AM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 4 OSA 14U Regional Saucedo
50 30 Arena 8th Lazzo
P4 12:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 4 OSA 14U Regional Chavis
42 51 Southwest Heat
P8 2:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 3 Arena 8th Lazzo
13 59 Southwest Heat
P7 3:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 8 OSA 14U Regional Saucedo
39 55 OSA 14U Regional Chavis
P9 3:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 4 Arena 8th Campbell
66 42 OSA 14U Regional Keller
P2 6:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 3 Southwest Heat
59 30 Arena 8th Campbell
P1 7:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 6 OSA 14U Regional Keller
47 52 OSA 14U Regional Chavis
Sunday, June 28, 2020
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P10 12:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 1 OSA 14U Regional Chavis
58 23 Arena 8th Lazzo
P11 12:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 2 OSA 14U Regional Saucedo
28 35 Arena 8th Campbell
P12 12:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 3 Southwest Heat
59 20 OSA 14U Regional Keller
P13 2:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 3 Arena 8th Campbell
57 47 OSA 14U Regional Chavis
P14 2:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 2 OSA 14U Regional Keller
23 26 Arena 8th Lazzo
P15 2:00 PM IOWA WEST FIELD HOUSE - Court 1 Southwest Heat
49 28 OSA 14U Regional Saucedo


No Bracket Games for this Division