Tournament Note

Tournament Rules & Admission Prices:

Daily admission gets you into any of our sites and games for the entire day!

$10Per Adult, Per Day
$6 Per Student, Per Day
Children 5 and Under are FREE

Tournament Rules:

Regulation Game:

 3rd Grade Boys, 3rd Grade Girls & 4th Grade Girls will play on a 10' high rim with a 12' free throw line.
 All other grades/levels will play on a 10' high rim with a 15' free throw line.
 All grades will use an intermediate size 28.5" basketball, except 8th grade boys will use an official size 29.5" basketball & 3rd grade 27.5"
 Each game will consist of two 20 minutes halves with a running clock. Clock stops on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls during the last 1 minute of each half.
 Each team must provide an adult volunteer for the score book or clock.

Full Court Pressing:
 No Full Court Press at 3rd Grade boys, 3rd Grade Girls and 4th Grade Girls
 Full court pressing is allowed at all other grades and levels to a 15 point lead.

Time Outs:
 Each team will receive 3 full 60 second per game, no carryover to the second half or overtime.

 The first OT will be two minutes, with the clock stopping on all timeouts, injuries and all dead balls in the last minute of overtime.
 If the game remains tied after the first overtime, the 2nd overtime will be the first team to score wins.
 Each team gets one 1 full 60 second timeout in each OT period; no carryover.

Standings / Tie Breakers:
 Round Robin Tie-Breakers: (When you move down to the next tie-breaker, the previous one drops off and will no longer be used)
1) Record
2) Head to Head
3) Point Differential (15 point maximum)
4) Total Points Allowed

8th Grade Boys

The Throw Down in Bellevue Basketball Classic

Mar 5 - 7, 2021
Bellevue, NE • Omaha, NE • Papillion, NE
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Pool Standings

Team W L
Papillion Elite Black (Papillion, NE-) 3 0
Powerhouse Hoops NE (Weeder) (Omaha, NE) 2 1
Jr Mustangs 8th BLUE (Omaha, NE) 1 2
8th ALBA (Council Bluffs, Ia) 0 3
Creighton 1
Team W L
Bellevue Beast (Sile) 2 0
Southwest Storm (Farragut, IA) 1 1
Ralston Jr Rams (OMAHA, Nebraska) 0 2
Creighton 2
Team W L
7th MBA White(Scharff) 2 0
Jr. Trojans 8th White (Springfield, NE) 1 1
MV Big Reds (Missouri Valley, IA) 0 2
Team W L
Lincoln Flash (LINCOLN, NE) 3 0
CMA All-Stars 2 1
Elkhorn Attack All-Stars (Hoeft) (Elkhorn, NE) 1 2
8th Grade MBA Select White (Omaha, NE) 0 3
Loyola Chicago
Team W L
Carroll Knights (Carroll, IA) 3 0
Jr. Trojans 8th Red (Springfield, NE) 2 1
Johnson County Central 1 2
Rams (Papillion, NE) 0 3
Oklahoma State
Team W L
Nebraska Impact (Piatkowski) 3 0
8th Grade MBA Select Green (Omaha, NE) 2 1
Ballaholics 1 2
Norfolk Panthers 0 3
Team W L
Woodbine Tigers (Woodbine, Iowa) 3 0
Jr. Monarchs - Nissen (PAPILLION, Nebraska) 2 1
Sorum Wildcats 8th (Omaha, NE) 1 2
Omaha Racers (Gretna, NE) 0 3
Team W L
CB extreme (Council bluffs, Iowa) 3 0
Jr Mustangs 8th WHITE (Omaha, NE) 2 1
PBC - Patriots 8th Blue (Omaha, NE) 1 2
Bellevue Beast (Dalton) 0 3
San Diego State
Team W L
Kearney Blazers (Kearney, Ne) 3 0
JCC Lions (omaha, NE) 2 1
Tekamah-Herman Tigers (Tekamah, NE) 1 2
PBC - Patriots 8th White (Omaha, NE) 0 3
St. Bonaventure
Team W L
Team Factory Gold (Fickel) 3 0
Bellevue T - Birds (Carlson) 2 1
Hastings Hoops (Hastings, NE) 1 2
Midwest Trailblazers 0 3