Tournament Note

We look forward to a great Championship Tournament this weekend!

Please note, the goal is to make the games as competitive as possible and for every team to feel like they have the opportunity to win their Division Championship. The AAO - 2020 NWA League - Post-Season Tournament will be played:

*Single-elimination tournament format.
*Each division (boys & girls) has been divided into two separate divisions > (Division 1 & Division 2)
*Divisions were developed on the basis of regular season winning percentage as well as comparative competition.
*45 minutes for game time slots. This adds an extra 5 mins between games and will give teams more time to adequately warm up.
*Regular season rules apply
*Teams need to provide adult scorekeepers

Please remember that the top team on the bracket will be the Home team (white jersey) and will sit on the bench left of the scorers table - (right side - if you are looking at table from the floor).

Some of the smallest brackets will crown their Champions on Saturday. For most it will be a Saturday and Sunday event with the semi-finals and championship games played on Sunday.
No gate entrance fee will be charged for Sunday games.

Everything is online at:

Best of luck and we are excited to see the best in all of the teams this weekend!

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4th Grade Girls Division 1

2020 NWA League Tournament

Feb 8 - 9, 2020
Fayetteville, AR



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Saturday, February 08, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B1 8:00 AM AAO Fayetteville - Old Spice Fayetteville
16 8 Alma - Hughes
B2 8:00 AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey Farmington
22 15 Rogers - Brother
B3 9:30 AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey Fayetteville
17 18 BHS Gold
B4 9:30 AM AAO Fayetteville - Old Spice Farmington
16 18 Fort Smith
B5 11:00 AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey BHS Gold
12 17 Fort Smith


Fort Smith
Fayetteville - 16
B1 - Sat 2/8 8:00AM AAO Fayetteville - Old Spice
Alma - Hughes - 8
Farmington - 22
B2 - Sat 2/8 8:00AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey
Rogers - Brother - 15
Fayetteville - 17
B3 - Sat 2/8 9:30AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey
BHS Gold - 18
Farmington - 16
B4 - Sat 2/8 9:30AM AAO Fayetteville - Old Spice
Fort Smith - 18
BHS Gold - 12
B5 - Sat 2/8 11:00AM AAO Fayetteville - Lindsey
Fort Smith - 17