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11 and Under Open

Hardball Challenge 2019

Feb 8 - 10, 2019
Antioch, CA • Stockton, CA
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11U Gamers ( Black ) (1 - 1)
11 and Under Open


Saturday, February 09, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P4 12:30 PM Cancelled - Dodie Healy DBA Crushers 11U Gold
0 22 11U Gamers ( Black )
P6 5:00 PM Cancelled - Dodie Healy NC Valley Garcia Place Holder
10 2 11U Gamers ( Black )


# Athlete
Karthik Machina
Henry Sun
Brody Blanco
Carson Williams
Nolan Cormier
Christiano Maiorana
Arthur Sims
Drew Bradley
Cole Brede
Devin Dellner
Alexander Ling
Max Fruin
4 Ryan Gonzalez
4 Justin Levine
17 Phoenix Purcell
18 Tony Keeling
99 Ethan Rye