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12 and Under AA

Winter Showdown 2019

Feb 23 - 24, 2019
Stockton, CA • Sunnyvale, CA
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CCB 12u Navy (2 - 2)
12 and Under AA


Saturday, February 23, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
P1 7:50 AM Twin Creeks - Field 3 Altamont Crew
14 13 CCB 12u Navy
P3 12:10 PM Twin Creeks - Field 3 CCB 12u Navy
19 6 Bay Area Hustle 13U
Sunday, February 24, 2019
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B7 8:00 AM Twin Creeks - Field 1 [1] QuickSilver Knights 12u - Orange
3 8 [2] CCB 12u Navy
B9 10:15 AM Twin Creeks - Field 1 [2] Team Kado 12U Navy
11 3 [2] CCB 12u Navy


# Athlete
Matthew Stoner
Aiden Brady
Adam Clemens
Grayson Munoz
Corbin Giesen
Chase Kokernak
Beckham Gilliard
Kelan O'Brian
Mason Maglicmot
Ian Neyens
Trevor Ohlson
Dylan Gilliard
Nate Miran
Dylan White
Bryce Brogan
Rudra Premakur
Jerry Yu
Alec Grimaldo
Toby Trotter
Monty Sunderland
Salter Cooper Salter