Tournament Note

Welcome to the OSA Pella League - Fall 2019! We have over 530 teams this season, and we are glad that your team has chosen to participate!

PELLA PLAYOFFS: All 3rd – 8th grade division teams will get seven regular season games, followed by the PELLA PLAYOFFS, a seeded single elimination end of season tournament, which will run on weekends from DEC 14 - 23. PELLA PLAYOFF brackets will be posted within your online schedules by early December, and coaches will receive notification once completed.

Be sure to check out the weekend concessions special at UBT Sports Complex this weekend!

SPECIAL #1: Hotdog, Chips, Soda - $5

SPECIAL #2 - Cheeseburger and Soda - $8

- GAME SCHEDULES - Game schedules for this weekend are now final. Game schedules for the remainder of the season are also final, unless we made a mistake. We do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible, but if one team for example can't play before 12:00, and another team can't play after 12:00, something has to give.

- ADMISSIONS - Daily admission fees are $2 for adults over 18. All players and children are admitted at no charge. We will be selling a season PELLA PASS for the first two weekends only. Each PELLA PASS costs $15 and allows for eight daily PELLA punches to cover your team’s guaranteed eight games.

- BALL POLICY - ALL VENUES - Coaches are the only ones allowed to bring balls into all facilities. Coaches must provide their own warm up balls and the home team will provide the game ball. Please note that the HOME team is listed FIRST on the mobile app and desktop and should wear white/light colored jerseys. Teams will be allowed at least a 3 minute warm up prior to their game.

ROSTERS – Coaches will be allowed to update their rosters on their score sheets through the first two weeks of games. After that time, all roster changes must be approved by OSA Management via email. If updating the rosters on your scoresheet this weekend, please be sure to include player first and last name and jersey number, and we will update your online roster next week. PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY!

LEAGUE RULES - Rules can be found within the DOCUMENTS tab within your online schedule. Please take the time to read through these and share with your players, as a few of our formats/procedures have changed.

COACH PASSES - Coaches will receive a PELLA Coach Pass for the season. Upon arrival to your first game, each coach must sign in at the admissions table. Only two PELLA Coach Passes are allowed per team, and each coach must sign in to receive it.

GAME VENUES - All venues can be found within the PLACES tab within your online schedules and will open 30 minutes prior to the first game of the day.

COACH/FAN BEHAVIOR - Berating of or personal attacks on referees not be tolerated. Spectators who exhibit such behavior will be asked to leave the premises. Coaches or players who are ejected will need to leave the basketball courts and wait in the commons area. If you have issues with referees, email me directly 24 hours after the completion of your game.

UBT FOOD AND BEVERAGE POLICY - Please note the UBT Food and Beverage Policy below. This will be strictly enforced.

We appreciate our valued spectators, coaches, fans &players at UBT Sports Complex. In order to control a safe experience for everyone visiting the facility we will now be enforcing a no outside food and beverage policy. UBT Sports Complex offers a wide variety of concession items, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn etc. as well as Pepsi products. In addition, we have recently added Coffee Cabana which specializes in making coffee, espresso, smoothies and more! We ask that you please respect our new food and beverage policy and forewarn anyone that overlooks it, they will be asked to throw their food or beverage away. This includes any outside coffee, smoothies, soda, sports drinks, fast food, personal lunches, delivery, catering, etc. We will continue to allow players to bring in sports squeeze water bottles.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to an excellent season with you all!

Bob Franzese, OSA General Manager

6th Boys Bronze D

OSA PELLA Youth Basketball League-Fall 2019

Oct 19 - Dec 22, 2019
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West Omaha Lions (5 - 3)
6th Boys Bronze D


Sunday, October 20, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P2 4:00 PM THE MARK - Court 3 Fremont Tigers White 5th/6th
20 50 West Omaha Lions
Sunday, October 27, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P7 2:00 PM UNION BANK & TRUST SPORTS COMPLEX - Court 2 West Omaha Lions
24 31 Elkhorn Attack Cobras
Saturday, November 02, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P11 3:00 PM THE MARK - Court 2 Elkhorn Attack Jayhawks
21 17 West Omaha Lions
Sunday, November 10, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P20 2:00 PM UNION BANK & TRUST SPORTS COMPLEX - Court 4 GBA Club: Nelson
20 23 West Omaha Lions
P14 4:00 PM UNION BANK & TRUST SPORTS COMPLEX - Court 4 West Omaha Lions
24 23 Elkhorn Attack Jr. Hawks
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P21 4:00 PM THE MARK - Court 2 West Omaha Lions
38 35 Bennington Badgers-6th-Grey/Bradley
Sunday, December 08, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
P36 7:00 PM UNION BANK & TRUST SPORTS COMPLEX - Court 3 West Omaha Lions
21 15 Hustle 6th
Saturday, December 14, 2019
Game Time Location HOME Score AWAY
B3 3:00 PM UNION BANK & TRUST SPORTS COMPLEX - Court 3 [2] IR Hornets
47 31 [3] West Omaha Lions


# Athlete
1 Luciano Guido
2 Ezra Peterson
4 Mikey Knowski
7 Gavin Hovermale
9 Brady Wilson
11 Jake Russell
13 Samuel Clatterbuck
21 Tony Brisky
23 David Zumdohme