Tournament Note

- Absolutely no outside food or drinks - players can bring water bottles
- $10.00 gate fee - covers the entire weekend/cash only
-6 innings or 80 minutes no new inning
-5 runs max per inning - last inning or declared inning has no maximum
-Losing team will bat first in the last inning regardless of home and away
-We will have the batting cages rented out - first come first serve - Cages are in a separate building located outside behind Field 3.
- Game balls provided by GSL Tournaments - Each game starts with 4 balls. If you run out please provide 1-2 playable balls.
-USA Bat Standards
-Pitching Restrictions: 8 innings max for tournament, 6 innings max in a day, 3 innings or less to pitch consecutive days.


5th Annual Indoor Classic

Jan 10 - 12, 2020
Centralia, WA
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Mavericks (0 - 3)


Saturday, January 11, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B4 5:00 PM NW Sports Hub - NW Hub 3 MI Islanders White
5 2 Mavericks
B8 8:00 PM NW Sports Hub - NW Hub 3 Kitsap Osprey
8 5 Mavericks
Sunday, January 12, 2020
Game Time Location Team Score Team
B9 9:30 AM NW Sports Hub - NW Hub 3 SBC Spartans White
8 7 Mavericks