Tournament Note


SUNDAY SCHEDULE - We have reposted Sunday's schedule with updates. Please make sure you check the updated schedule for correct field times and locations. They are mostly minor changes to Field locations. We have moved games off the turf fields onto the grass in the interest of player safety, as tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter than today!


HEAT/ WEATHER: The TEMP is HOT. Please plan accordingly - hydrate well before the event, and bring lots of water and electrolytes (we are selling Motive Pure at HQ, and samples are available in the Trainer Tent by Field 2). Please see a trainer immediately if you are experiencing any symptoms of heat illness. Trainers can be called for at any of the Trilogy Field Tents. There is also a misting tent at the Trainer Tent by Field 2/ HQ.


The up-to-date and accurate schedule will always be posted to Tourney Machine and the Tournament Web Page, along with any necessary notices.

2018 Trilogy Buckeye Classic

Jun 30 - Jul 1, 2018
West Chester, OH
Tourney Machine

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