Tournament Note

10u - 14u $495.00
Gate fee - $150

Play at the best fields in North Texas!
What we do-
We're committed to promoting the Game of Baseball! We promote the game and the players through our Championship Events. By providing teams and their supporters with high quality venues and well managed tournaments, teams compete with the best amateur baseball clubs in the Nation.

Why is there a $25 annual team sanction fee?
Travel Sports Baseball has established the Travel Sports Baseball Scholarship Fund. The program will be funded in part by the new team registration fee. 70% of our annual team registration fee will go directly toour Scholarship Fund account. The registrations alone will generate over $20k annually to the fund. Scholarships will be managed and distributed by TSB Directors and area travel ball leaders, who will establish criteria for the distribution of the funds. The remaining 30% is paid to our software providers.

When do I pay the tournament entry fee?
All Travel Sports Baseball tournaments are first pay/firstplay. Your entry into an event is not complete until you have paid the entry fee or the gate fee.

Do we supply our own baseballs?
Yes, teams supply regulation baseballs appropriate for their division.

Do I need to submit a roster?
All teams will need to post their TSB roster and have parent waivers signed by 11:59 pm, the day prior to the tournament start. Players added the same date as the event start, or after, are not eligible to play in that event.

Is my team AA, AAA or Major?
If you are playing AA or AAA division, please familiarize yourself with our classification guidelines listed at

Rules link -
Refund policy -
Schedule request link -

Teams traveling from outside of North Texas must book hotels through this link.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY of abuse towards umpires and tournament staff.
Any Coach, player or fan ejected from a game will need to leave the field immediately.
Coaches will receive an additional game suspension including the current game. Players will only be ejected from the current game unless the ejection happens in the last inning of the current game. Fans that are ejected will be out for the duration of the event.


Mar 16 - 17, 2019
Bedford, TX • Colleyville, TX • Grapevine, TX
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