Tournament Note

FDC General Rules
1. National High School Federation rules will be followed with the few exceptions listed below.
2. Each player will be allowed a total of 6 fouls before being disqualified.
3. All games will be played in two 12 halves stopped clock, but shall run if a team is up by 20 points. The clock will stop again if the leads drops below 15 points.
4.Shot Clock-N/A
5. There will be a 2 minute rest period between halves.
6. Teams will be allowed to call 3 30 second time-outs during the regulation game.
7. There will be no dunking allowed in warm-ups.
8. There will be a minimum of a 3 minute warm-up period between games.
9. No game will begin before the time listed on the official game schedule at
10. Players will be allowed to play for one team only.
11. Players must play 1 pool game to be eligible bracket play.
12. Any violations discovered of rule #10 or #11 will result in game forfeitures.
13. The home team is the top team in the bracket or the 1st team listed and will wear light colored jerseys and sit to the left of the score table facing the court. The away team will be the bottom team in the bracket or the 2nd team listed and will wear dark colored jerseys and sit to the right of the score table facing the court.
14. Overtime Rules –The first overtime will be 3 minutes. All subsequent overtimes will be 2 minutes only. Each team will be given 30 sec. time-out in each overtime period. No time-outs will carry over from previous period(s).
15. Pool Standings will be determined by win-loss record within your pool. Tie breaking procedures are:
• If 2 teams are tied, then head to head competition
• If 3 teams tied:
1. Head to head among tied teams using +/- 20 points
2. Head to head among all pool teams using +/- 20 points
3. Lowest points allowed in all pool games
4. Coin Flip

6th Annual Felley Donaldson Classic "FDC '19"

May 11 - 12, 2019
Crowley, TX • Fort Worth, TX
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