Tournament Note


Thanks for participating in the upcoming tournament! We look forward to a great weekend. Things will look a little different this weekend and we want to make sure you relay some information to your team. Please share all of the following information with your parents before the start of the tournament. It is vital that the following information is shared to parents/players before arrival.

We have gotten several questions about Spectators. Spectators are welcome to attend. We ask you to follow the guideline of no groups of over 20 people from the same team/family unit sitting in the same area. There will not be bleachers available so please bring bag chairs if you wish to sit. Those will be allowed. There will be markings on the floor to help with separation of spectators.

Entry lines, especially early, may be longer than normal. There will be social distancing marks on the floor as you enter. Please stay in family groupings. Please have patience and after getting your wrist band have it on and ready to show so we can speed the process. Wrist bands must be worn. Coaches and players will go through the same process and then proceed to the coach check in table. There will be 2 coaches passes per team as is standard MAYB policy. Your patience in the entry process is greatly appreciated.

There will be no wall brackets for this tournament. Please use the tourneymachine app to follow results, standings, and game times. The app will be updated at the completion of each game. If you are unsure how to access the app, please ask and we will also have QR codes posted on the wall that you can scan and access the schedule.

Thank you for your patience. We appreciate your help in making the tournament run smoothly within some new guidelines. We all hope to be back to normal soon.


Greg Raleigh and MAYB Staff

All players and coaches will need to fill out a waiver before playing at the Sports Forum - please go to the following link -

Coaches - If you play at the Sports Forum please provide a roster as we will be checking the teams in to make sure everyone has a wavier on file. Waivers need to be signed by Friday at 5pm. Coaches need to sign waiver as well.

All spectators please be sure to bring your own bag chair or seat. There will not be bleachers in the facility.

Please see the COVID Guidelines in the Document Tab of the schedule.

MAYB Wichita, KS June 6-7 (Wichita Sports Forum)

Jun 6 - 7, 2020
Wichita, KS
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