Tournament Note

• Game times will be 1 hour 30 minutes, finish the inning, 7 innings. To stay on time, games will automatically drop dead at 1:45. If drop dead scenarios comes into play, the score will be reported as final from the last full completed inning.
• Run Rule will be 10, 8, 6 after 3, 4, 5, but if there is still time left and teams want to keep playing they may do so in this league format.
• We will follow NFHS rules, but with modifications. We ask teams to keep the integrity of your batting order, but otherwise it is free substitutions. Lineups do not need to be provided to the umpires, but if teams want to exchange them they can.
• Home plate meetings will need to be distanced and 6ft apart. Will flip for home and away.
• Games can end in a tie.
• One scorecard will be handed to the home plate umpire of each game to report scores online, by our TC staff.
• Game Softballs- Each team will be given 3 softballs. These are your responsibility to disinfectant AND shag in your own dugout. Your balls will be used when your team is on defense. Umpires should not have to touch softballs. Teams will need to be on their toes to make sure softballs are available. These softballs need to kept for both days. Only if a softball is badly damaged will a new one be provided.
• Masks- are not required but encouraged by ALL, especially in common areas and restrooms. Or when entering or exiting the facility where there is heavy foot traffic.
• Sanitizer- Teams are to provide and do their own sanitizer in the dugouts and to clean your own game balls. This is upon entering and exiting.
• Meetings at the pitchers mound- coach and other players must remain outside the circle.
• No Team Huddles at any time. During a game or anywhere in the facility.
• Dugouts- please hang all bags and equipment on the outside of the smaller dugout or if a larger dugout, spaced 6ft or distanced. Smaller dugouts, to remain socially distance by team, may need to extend out down the foul line and/or into the behind Homeplate area. After the completion of your game and you are moving dugouts, please exit immediately and clean your dugout or exit the facility immediately and straight to your cars.
• Spectators and fans are allowed at all facilities, but must be aware of distancing. NO gathering or groups of people are allowed. 6ft apart at all times. Families can sit together. If your team is in the first base dugout, please keep all fans spaced out down the 1st base or right field line. Third base dugout, please keep all fans spaced out down the 3rd base or left field foul line. No spectators allowed in the outfield behind the temporary fencing or directly behind home plate. Bring your own lawn chair.
• Restrooms are open and available but will be a two person max. and spots marked for 6ft distancing. No gathering.
• Concessions are NOT available. Please provide your own food and drinks.
• No spitting, seeds, or chewing.
• No postgame handshakes….try a wave or get creative.
• No Sharing Equipment

Please, please, please be respectful of all TC staff, City Crews, and supervisors if they ask you to do something or change something to help us stay socially distanced and in compliance with all orders.
And thank you for being patient with us as we navigate the daily changes and new normal!

TC Colorado Fastpitch League- Weekend 1

Jun 20 - 21, 2020
Fort Collins, CO • Loveland, CO
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