Tournament Note


Baseballs will be provided.
Social distancing requirements will be enforced.
NO METAL SPIKES ON TURF FIELDS or fields until start time.
No seeds, no gum, no peanuts permitted.
Face masks recommended for all players and coaches when in dugouts.
Personal sanitizer is strongly recommended for all patrons and participants.



Prior to team arrival parents are required to fill out this waiver form before the player can compete. FORM LINK BELOW


When the first game arrives at a facility the Home team will check in on the Shannon Johnson Elementary (Third Base) side of the field. The away team will arrive on the first base side. Players will stay in the car until the game prior is completed, dugout sanitized, trash thrown away and the team has exited the facility. Players and coaches will arrive at the check in table where the teams coach will check them in.


Temperatures will be checked before the player will check in. Once temperature is checked, each team's coach will use their phones to scan a QR code, fill out the questionnaire and sign the waiver.

Each team will complete this check in process prior to the first contest at the facility each day. Any player who has a 100.4 body temperature or higher will not be permitted to play in that game and must leave the facility for the contest.

If a player is asked to leave for that game, the player(s) must wait until the next day's contest to be rechecked for a temperature.


Teams will not shake hands and exit out of the facility in the same area that they entered.


In accordance with the guidelines of Madison County Schools, there will be NO SPECTATORS allowed to sit in the bleachers. You will be required to provide your own chair and GATE FEES are prepaid on PASTIME WEBSITE


Each teamś coach will be responsible for enforcing the dugout distancing. Bathrooms will be open behind the press box. Home team´s bathroom will be located closest to the third base dugout and away team´ś bathroom will be located closest to the first base dugout

Transylvania University Coach and Players Screening Protocols:
• Teams should NOT come to the park if they are feeling ill or present with a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or feeling ill, the individual should NOT come to the event.

Transylvania University Spectators Screening Protocols:

• Spectators should NOT come to the park if they are feeling ill or present with a fever over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or feeling ill, the individual should NOT come to the event.
• Renter must have protocol and process for doing daily screen questions for spectators including taking their temperature. This must be recorded and submitted to Transy.
• A maximum of 50 spectators total will be permitted in the park at one time. In order to assist with social distancing and keep below the maximum of 50 spectators, the teams who are playing will be the only ones permitted to have spectators.
Exhibiting Symptoms or Fever:
• Anyone exhibiting these symptoms must be tested for COVID-19. Following the CDC and local health guidelines, will isolate and follow guidelines for quarantining.
• In the event of a diagnosed case of COVID-19 by anyone involved the renter must notify the health department via contract tracking and notify all teams while protecting the privacy of the diagnosed individual.
Social Distancing Requirements:
• For the first game of the day, teams and spectators will only be permitted to enter once the renter is present and able to do screenings and temperatures. Please do not line up at the gate.
• For the second game of the day, the team will be able to enter the facility an hour prior to their game for warming up. A designated area will be provided for stretching and warming-up. We would ask that the players and coaches remain in this area until the teams playing are done and have left their dugout. Transy will mark this area.
• Spectators for the second game will NOT be permitted to enter until the spectators and team from the first game have left the facility and the areas have been sanitized. Transy will sanitize. We would ask that those leaving do so as quickly as possible to expedite the process for the second game. The renter will be responsible for seeing that teams depart along with spectators before allowing any additional spectators into facility.
• Please enter and exit through the designated gates to assist us in social distancing.
• Dugouts will be marked off to permit 6 foot spacing for team and an extended area outside of the dugouts. Spectators are strictly prohibited from this area. Players should place their equipment including any personal items (i.e., water bottles), in this area.
• We would ask that all teams and spectators not congregate in the parking lot or on the field and continue to practice social distancing from arrival through departure.
• Restrooms will allow only one individual at a time.
• Please refrain from any unnecessary physical contact, such as high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, or hugs.
• Spectators may only sit in the area designated for spectators and only those living in the same household should be within the space allocated, otherwise they should remain 6 foot distancing.

• Practice social distancing to the greatest extent possible. Athletes and Coaches should maintain at least 6 feet of separation from others when not on the field of play or otherwise engaged in play/activity, where feasibl

• Players and Coaches should refrain from high fives, handshakes lines, and other physical contact.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

• Following the CDC guidelines, wear face coverings at all times, unless doing would represent a serious risk to their safety or health. When players are not actively engaged in playing, they should be wearing masks.

• Players, coaches and spectators are encouraged to bring hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes for disinfecting hands and equipment regularly. Renter will be responsible for assuring that teams abide by guidelines for cleaning and use of balls.

Training and Safety Requirements:
• Signage will be provided around the venue to encourage proper hygiene and social distancing.
• Players will need to bring their own water and containers. Please be sure they are clearly marked with the individual’s name. To provide the safest environment, there will not be any shared use of coolers or water fountains.
• Coaches will need to sanitize balls between innings. They should be prepared with gloves, disinfectant, and extra balls to achieve this.
• Between games, the Transy staff will disinfectant the dugouts and restrooms and any surfaces. Please do not enter either while they are disinfecting them.
• Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the venue.
• Prior to the games, the designated spaces on the bleachers will be sanitized. Spectators are encouraged to bring their own chairs along with water or other non-alcoholic beverage.

• No Sunflower seeds, gum, etc… will be allowed on the field or in the Parks. Players and Coaches should refrain from spitting at all times!
During the Game:
• Managers/coaches and players should be assigned spots in the dugout so that they are at least 6 feet apart.
• Players are to stay at their assigned spots when on the bench or while waiting their turn to bat.
• All bags should remain outside on the fence.
• Players should have their own individual batter’s helmet, glove, bat, and catcher’s equipment.
• Player’s equipment should be cleaned and disinfected after each use by the player/ coach, where applicable.
During Play:
• Baseballs should be rotated through on a regular basis, at least every two innings, to limit individual contact.
• Umpires should limit their contact with the ball, and catchers should retrieve foul balls and passed balls where possible. Please return you defensive balls back to your dugouts.
• Balls used in infield/outfield warm-up should be isolated from a shared ball container.
• Participating players, coach, and umpires should retrieve foul balls landing outside the field of play. No spectators should retrieve the ball.
Pre-Game Plate Meetings:
• Plate meetings will be eliminated
Equipment Inspection:
• Umpires should avoid direct contact with equipment where possible. When necessary to inspect a player’s equipment use of gloves and proper sanitizer should be used.
• Team coaches should do scorekeeping or by the appropriate Game scoring app.
Business Process Adaptation:
• Renter will schedule sufficient time between team warmups and game to facilitate the complete evacuation of individuals form a previous set of games form the premises before the next set of games will begin.
• Entry and exit gates will be clearly marked.
• Teams should leave at the time their game is concluded. Please do not socialize on or around the park.
Concession Stand:
• No food or concession sales will be allowed in the park. Please do bring your own non-alcoholic beverage

Eastern Kentucky University - Best of Bluegrass

Jul 9 - 12, 2020
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