Tournament Note

Grade Verification

Coaches MUST have grade verification available and readily accessible at the tournament for each player on their roster. Please make sure your roster stays the same throughout the entire tournament. If you have someone missing on Friday please make sure to put them on the roster for each game even if they are not present. We are grade based so you need to be playing in the grade division that the players were in during the 2019-20 school year. Academically advanced players must be the same age of their grade division to be legal to play. Please call the office before the tournament if you have any questions about this.

(Coaches passes will be at the gate of your first game in your coaches’ packet - there will be 2 passes given per team)

COVID Guidlines -
- Everyone coming into the facility will be asked to wear a mask.
- During warm-ups and during the game players, coaches, and refs are not required to wear a mask.
- After games players and coaches should put their masks back on.
- Fans should wear a mask at all times if possible.
- Bleachers will not be set out in some facilities - please bring your own chairs and spread out to adhere to social distancing
- Please arrive for your game no earlier than 20 minutes prior to playing and please leave immediately following your game.
- If you are sick or have family members in your house that are sick please stay at home.

Welcome to the 2020 MAYB National Tournament. We are amazed at the quantity and quality of teams we have this year. We have over 800 teams from 20 states entered this year. It will be an amazing 3 days of basketball. Please take the time to read below and stress to your players and fans.

First of all, there can be only one champion per division. If you walk away from this event with a championship you will have certainly earned it. We believe this is the way it should be. There will be mistakes made. Refs will miss calls. Coaches will make bad decisions. Players will miss shots. I hope we can all remember the great competition that is about to take place. Step back and observe. It is amazing. In that respect we ask you all to maintain proper behavior through the good and the bad. We can not tolerate inappropriate behavior.

Remember, we are grade based. Please make sure to have your players grade verification readily available if asked to present it. We want all the kids to play but if you aren't able to produce proof of grade that player may have to sit out.

It is important to check schedules after each game. The Tourney Machine App or is the best way to do this. There will not be wall brackets this year so please use the app to view the schedule and know your next game time.
Each year we end up with teams missing games. Plan ahead. Double check. Know where you need to be and when. With so many teams it important you plan ahead.

All coaches and fans will have arm band passes. Please wear these and the weekend will go much smoother. Gate workers will place the bands on each person through the door. Prices for admission are listed in your packets.

Each team is required to provide a scorekeeper or clock operator for each game. We have had great success with this. It is harder to yell at your own person, but please do not put kids in this situation. It is unfair to them if adults are yelling at them!

Please make sure you wear a mask at all of the facilities. Players, Coaches, and Officials during game play are the only ones not required to wear a mask. Please make sure that after you finish your game you are not hanging around the gym. To help with social distancing we are asking that teams have their post game meetings outside and that they leave immediately following their game. Some sites will require temperature checks at the door and some will ask you to sign waivers. Please be aware that the facilities are asking for some of these items and we want to be able to host the tournament so please be patient and we will get everyone through the gate! We also ask that you keep a bag chair or lawn chair in your car for the weekend. Many of the facilities will not have bleachers set out so please make sure to bring your chairs for seating. We have had great success with this - please make sure to spread out and social distance when possible!

Lastly, we hope you enjoy the tournament. Things will not be perfect. There will be amazing teams here. Great competition. When everything has cleared there will be one team per division who finishes 1st but to get there they will have had to fight through a great field of teams. Enjoy!


Support: Cheering for your team is encouraged. Support the kids! Negative comments from stands will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament.
Referees: Referees will call the games to the best of their ability. Confrontation with an official will result in removal from the gym and possibly the tournament. They are in charge of the game action!
Profanity: Use of profanity will not be tolerated towards anyone. If you have questions, there will be people to talk to but no one, from players, refs, supervisors, table workers or other fans shall be spoken to in a profane manner.
Court: No one besides players, officials, and coaches are allowed to be on the court at any time during a game. Rushing onto the court will result in immediate removal from the gym and possibly from the tournament. In addition, baseline areas are to be kept from spectators.
Post Game: Any confrontation after a game is complete will be considered an extension of the game and can also result in removal from the entire tournament and can result in forfeits. Please leave the gyms without talking to officials, supervisors, or the other teams. Shake hands at end of game but no negative comments.
Pre Game: Fans are not to be on the court. Players are not to shoot during timeouts and such.
Fighting: Any punches thrown results in automatic removal for the remainder of the tournament.

Please don’t allow acting inappropriately to affect the participation of your athletes. We ask that all teams support each other and keep sportsmanship a priority. Head coaches are directly responsible for the actions of your coaching staff, players, and parents.

Grounds for disqualification include, but are not limited to: Non-compliance of MAYB rules, fighting, acting inappropriately towards officials and/or tournament supervisors, excessive profanity, taunting, or causing damage to facilities.

We are pleased to announce that games will be recorded and live streamed on Baller TV - please click this link to watch online -

MAYB Omaha, NE Girls Nationals July 31st - Aug. 2nd

Jul 31 - Aug 2, 2020
Council Bluffs, IA • Elkhorn, NE
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