Tournament Note

Welcome to Pastime Tournaments. Here are a few things you need to know for this upcoming tournament.

Please bring a mask with you to all facilities. Many fields may require you to wear it to be allowed into the facility and be in the facility. No players actively playing the game will be required to wear one, however they may need to have one on while waiting for their game. If you are not on the field, you may be required to be wearing a mask. Any failure to comply with social distancing guideline may result in expulsion from the facility and team forfeiture.

Some, not all, but some facilities may not have bathroom facilities. Due to COVID some places may not have bathrooms available on site because of their precautions or they do not have the staff to properly clean the facility. We do our best to provide alternate options such as portable toilets, however some facilities do not allow those due to the risk of spreading COVID through these facilities or there are some not available to rent or have cleaned properly as well. Please make sure to use the bathroom before arriving at the facility and be prepared to make alternate arrangements. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us.

All teams at this tournament are required to pay a $250 gate fee prior to the start of the tournament. If your teams have not paid it. Please go online to the link below and fill out the information. Make sure to put $250 in the amount box and select 1 for the quantity. Please save your confirmation receipt as you may be asked to provide it when you get to the field. We may not be able to start your first game of the tournament until this gate fee is paid. If you need help paying the gate fee please call (317) 362-5436.


Parking will be in the gated lot next to the PE building.
One spectator per participant.
Teams must leave immediately after the conclusion
of their game.
Spectators must wear masks and practice social distancing
or they will asked to leave the premiss.
The bathrooms are located behind the bleachers
of the turf field.

Arm & Hammer Park (Trenton Thunder - AA Yankees) - The All-Atlantic World Series

Aug 21 - 23, 2020
Trenton, NJ • West Windsor Township, NJ
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