Tournament Note

1. No Metal/Molded/Rubber Cleats are allowed on ANY portable mounds---TURF or TENNIS shoes only

2. No Sunflower Seeds or Chewing Gum at Ron Tonkin Stadium or Hillsboro Stadium fields as well as University of Portland field

3. All pitching forms must be turned in to Tourney Director at conclusion of last game of each day of the tournament. (Forms will be handed out to each team prior to 1st game of the tournament)

4. Coach that attends plate meeting will be designated as "Head Coach" for that game and will be the ONLY coach that is allowed to discuss things with umpires throughout the game.

1. Win/Loss record
2. Head to head (only in case of a 2-way tie OR sweep if all tied teams played each other)
3. Runs allowed
4. Run differential (min/max of 8)
5. Runs scored
6. Fewest runs allowed in a single game
7. Most runs scored in a single game
8. Coin flip

West Coast Premier Championships

Jul 20 - 22, 2018
Beaverton, OR • Hillsboro, OR • Portland, OR