Tournament Note

Welcome to the WCP Indoor Madness Event!

– Absolutely no outside food or drinks – players can bring water bottles
– $10.00 gate fee per person 13 years and older – covers the entire weekend/cash only

-6 innings or 70 minutes no new inning
-5 runs max per inning – last inning or declared inning has no maximum
-Losing team will bat first in the last inning regardless of home and away
-We will have the batting cages rented out – first come first serve
-Game balls provided by WCP Tournaments
-BPF 1.15 AND USA Bats are approved
-Standard WCP Youth Pitching Rules Apply
-Ceiling net is played as the sky… an out can be made after deflecting off this net. Outfield nets play as fences.
9u-10U homerun is over the first color change
11-12U Homerun is over the second net change or over the net
-Teams need to be ready to play upon the conclusion of the previous game

WCP Baseball Indoor Madness

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2020
Centralia, WA