Tournament Note

Welcome to the WCP Indoor Madness Event!

– Absolutely no outside food or drinks – players can bring water bottles
– $10.00 gate fee per person 13 years and older – covers the entire weekend/cash only

-Games are 70 minutes (no new inning) or 6 innings - whichever occurs first
-There is a 5 run limit on all innings except for the last inning or last declared inning - any runs scored in addition to 5 during a capped inning will not count i.e.; a team has already scored 4 runs and the batter hits a 3 run home run - the inning is over and the team gets 5 runs for the inning
-The last declared inning will likely be announced upon the completion of an inning when there are 15 minutes or less remaining
-During the last inning - the team that is losing will bat first regardless of home and away
-Teams will continue to play this way until there is a declared winner if needed or until the time or innings expire
-The clock will start at the completion of the plate meeting - please make sure teams get on and off the field quickly between innings and between games in order to play as much softball as possible.
-Balls caught in the ceiling net will be ruled a foul ball.
-Balls that hit the side nets first will be ruled a dead ball foul ball.
-Balls that deflect off the top net will be ruled live and played as a fly ball
-12U and 14U home run line is the second color break on the outfield net - please get clarification at plate meeting.
-Once you sign the score card it is final - any unsigned cards will also be final - in the event you do not agree with what the umpire has, please notify a tournament director.

WCP Fastpitch Indoor Madness

Feb 28 - Mar 1, 2020
Centralia, WA